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Welcome to our new website

In partnership with and funded by Hinckley and Bosworth's Sure Start Children's Centre Programme, the Hinckley and District Toy Library is proud to welcome you to our brand-new website.

We have been loaning toys to local families for 30 years, and this website is part of our 30th Anniversary celebration; the next step in extending our service to the wider community. read more about us

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Our baby toys are bright, cheerful and fun and will encourage babies to use their ears, eyes, fingers and hands.

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Construction toys help children learn about shape, colour and size, improve fine motor skills, problem solve and concentration.

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Problem Solving / Dexterity

Help your child develop their own ideas and solve problems by borrowing toys that help them to think more creatively.

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Imaginary Play

A variety of toys that enhance your child’s imaginative experiences, encouraging your child to role-play and dress up.

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Jigsaws, Games & Puzzles

Puzzles and jigsaws are a perfect learning tool, helping children develop fine motor skills.

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Musical Instruments

Musical instruments and musical toys provide social and emotional benefits that will last a lifetime.

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Early Years Foundation Stage

Setting the Standards for Learning, Development and Care for children from birth to five years read more here

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Physical Play

Toys that encourage your baby or child to enjoy physical activity, whilst promoting agility, self-confidence, coordination and awareness.

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Books, various Faith packs, Road Safety info, Music Boxes etc., all ideal for special projects.

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Additional Learning Needs

A range of varied and specialist toys, such as sensory equipment and toys to encourage communication; above all toys that are just good fun!

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Story Sacks

Story sacks full of wonderful resources to encourage children and adults to enjoy reading together; bringing stories to life.

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